Digital Apps

Conventional is the thing of the past, the world around is going through a lot of change. From listening music to groceries to social interaction, everything has moved on to the virtual platform – the internet.

Not just that, the conventional way of learning has given way to a new way of learning- the e-learning. Further fanning the change is the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend catching-up fast across corporatearound the world. Having sensed the oncoming transformation, a number of next-gen digital learning platforms are extending complete support to empower learners to take complete charge of their own development.

At MyDigitalBlocks, we have ventured a step further and are working on nurturing a concept from the future – “Extended Enterprise”. We envision the learning of not just your employees but customers, channel partners, vendors, consultants and even society at large.

To make this vision a reality, MyDigitalBlocks team has developed a range of learning applications for use on popular mobile platform – iOS, Android and Windows.


iOS Applications

Tailored to meet the growing needs of fast-paced corporate environment, MyDigitalBlock offers a broad range of learning applications for iOS. With experience in diverse applications for multiple industries including business, travel, sport, health and lifestyle, among others; our learning applications help make your employees and partners future-ready.


Android Applications

Being the most popular mobile platform, Android attracts more users than any other platform. Our Android learning applications intend to serve as one of the best stocked content factories to help users across industries; learn when they want and what they want. The online content we offer is a mix of interactive videos, engaging sessions, quiz and more.


Windows Applications

MyDigitalBlocks provides a wide array of learning applications specifically designed and developed for the Windows platform. Our learning applications make knowledge delivery more productive and efficient compared to traditional ways of learning. In addition, as the resources and instructions are shared online, the students are able to access these resources at their convenience.